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Only few smart phone users watch porn by visiting porn sites?

Web security optimization specialist called- Blue Coat recently released results for their study about individuals visiting porn sites using their tablet PCs and smart phones.  The study’s results were not found to be encouraging for individuals who visit xxx rated sites from their smart phones.

Only around one percent of traffic coming from mobile devices goes to pornographic sites. But the bad news is that whenever mobile devices are used to visit such sites, they are vulnerable to malware.  Perhaps, this is the reason watching porn on PC might prove to be better than watching it on tablet PC or smart phones.

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Blue Coat’s study also indicated that compared to e-mail spam, fake apps, and text message scams, porn websites easily managed to trick smart phone users to download malware.

The report points out that somehow mobile devices are not able to differentiate between malware loaded sites and legitimate sites. Plus, shortened URLs make things more difficult.

Blue Coat’s Hugh Thompson interacted with journalists and shared his opinion that while visiting websites using desktop PC; users can easily look at the link or address for the website and check if it is suspicious. However, it is hard to check links while clicking on the same using mobile devices.

For several years, porn sites are considered as one of the main sources of malware.  Sites can transfer virus, malware in the form of images or videos that users download without thinking. People prefer to take risks and download files so that they can enjoy the porn star’s videos whenever they want. But, sometimes, these videos also come with malware.

Hackers and cyberattackers have evolved a lot since last five years. They can even target PCs, tablet PCs, and smart phones to present malware links in the form of attractive advertisements.

Cyberexperts have predicted that hackers are designing advanced hacking techniques, and they have even deployed some of them. Hackers managed to attract everyone’s attention for the first time in 2012, when Android device users from the world reported that they had received spam messages in the form of calendar reminders.

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